We have implemented a new strategic framework with a clear vision of what success looks like and the strategy to get there. We have translated this into a Value Creation Plan, where we are focused on driving high return on equity from sustainable profitable growth.

Our approach

Our focus will be on strengthening the Group’s core capabilities and competitive advantages to create a scalable platform for profitable growth while being laser focused on our customer value proposition.

This will comprise three key components:

First-class and consistent customer value propositions

Ensuring our distinct brands and products are tuned in to our customer needs, offering personalised value with sustainability embedded into every offering.

Operational excellence driven by data insights and intelligent automation

This allows us to build scalability to drive operating leverage, ensure consistent execution, deliver high quality outcomes for customers, and unlock new opportunities for efficiency.

A winning culture

Our success is driven by our people, and we are committed to fostering a culture that empowers our colleagues to unleash their full potential and contribute to our collective success.

Strategic initiatives

In order to turn this into tangible actions and drive execution we have created six strategic initiatives, which provide the roadmap for delivering our value creation plan:

Strategic initiative 1: Customer value propositions

Continuously differentiating our brands from the competition and being relevant to specific customer needs.

Strategic initiative 2: Customer lifecycle management

Building personalised and long-lasting customer relationships which are critical to sustainable growth, driven by intelligent automation.

Strategic initiative 3: Winning organisation

One Company with a “Glocal” operating model and shared culture that empowers everyone in the business, ensuring we attract and retain the best talent to power our value creation journey.

Strategic initiative 4: ESG

Integrating environmental, social, and governance principles into our core operations to ensure sustainable long-term value creation.

Strategic initiative 5: Product and Technology foundation

Unifying our proprietary technology platform while delivering outstanding products aligned with our brands and customer needs.

Strategic initiative 6: Operations 2.0

Leveraging AI and automation to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability.

Clear Market Focus

We are also crystal clear on where we are focused, to deliver the best returns on our resources. We categorise our markets as Core Markets and Optimise Markets. This simplified approach enables increased focus and investment in our core markets, while maximising cashflow from all markets.

Core markets: UK, Italy, Spain and Denmark

Market dynamics:

These are markets where we have established strong positions with some of the leading brands in each market.

These markets boast attractive long-term growth potential and have high barriers to entry through established regulatory frameworks and well-known brands.


We will continue to leverage our local expertise and diverse brand portfolio to increase market share and drive sustainable profitable growth.

Optimise markets: All other markets

Market dynamics:

These are all other markets where we do not have significant local scale.

Some of these markets could become Core Markets over time if we see a route to sustainable, profitable, leading positions.


We will prioritize cash flow generation and maximise value by leveraging our enhanced capabilities and scale.

We expect to add more core markets through a combination of expansion of our capabilities, as well as high impact capital light partnerships or M&A.


People, Players, Planet

Our strategic framework is underpinned by robust corporate governance and our clear ESG framework. We are focused on building a sustainable business for the future built on three pillars: people, players and planet.

Our approach



Why Invest

  1. High return on equity enhanced by reducing leverage
  2. Strengthening core capabilities to execute strategy
  3. Laser focused on building sustainable market leading positions in selected markets

Investment case