30% Club, growth through diversity

30% Club, growth through diversity

We want to invest in our talent and maximise their potential.  That’s why we’re excited to confirm that this year we’ll be taking part in a pioneering cross company, cross sector mentoring scheme led by the 30% club.

We know that diverse teams generate the best business results and earlier this year we made a commitment to increase the number of women we have in senior roles by 2020.  I’m passionate about supporting that goal which is why I’ve chosen to sponsor this initiative.

The ultimate aim of this programme is to develop women into more senior roles but what I really like about the 30% club approach is that that it’s not just about helping our female talent, there are just as many benefits for the mentors (who can be of any sex) as there are for the women mentees on the programme.

Last year over 4,236 people participated in the programme from over 100 blue chip organisations.

95% of mentees that participated said that their confidence as a leader had increased as a result of the programme

86% of mentors that participated said that they had learnt as a result of taking part.

You can learn more about the programme here.


Nicola Frampton- Director of Retail

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06 Aug 2018

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