Meet our Poker ambassador, Lucia Navarro

Meet our Poker ambassador, Lucia Navarro

Lucia Navarro joined our 888poker ambassador team in November last year, and we’re really excited to welcome her on board!

Originally from Alicante in Spain, Lucia is a professional poker player who now lives in Portugal. After playing card games – including poker – growing up, she quickly turned her hand to playing cash games online and heading to her local Alicante casino to give live games and tournaments a try.

In 2014, she won her first significant tournament at the Circuito Nacional de Poker 888 Main Event in Valencia, collecting a $22k prize. It was her first experience of life as a successful professional player, and she had a sense of what it would take to succeed.

Lucia moved to London in the spring of 2015 to take part in the cash games in the Victoria Casino. After playing a few live tournaments on the side, she won her first tournament in London – a three-way deal that earnt her $9k. After that, the wins kept coming, and her repeat win of the CNP888 Alicante Main Event in 2019 marked the beginning of a series of amazing wins.

Although Lucia’s family were initially less-than-enthusiastic about her career choice, she proved her tenacity and dedication to the game and is now the only woman in the Spanish national poker circuit to hold two prominent titles at the same time.

From London to Las Vegas, she’s travelled a long way to achieve her dream of becoming one of the top poker players in the world. And even though she enjoys travelling to live tournaments, she also loves the peace and quiet that comes with playing online poker at home.

Lucia told us, "I am super excited and grateful to be part of a strong and diverse team of ambassadors at 888poker. The brand is dedicated to player enjoyment and satisfaction, which are some of the reasons I decided to wear the 888poker patch."

"With so much love for the game and an eye to making it even more player focussed, I’m looking forward to representing 888poker with pride!"

We’re proud and incredibly fortunate to have Lucia on the team.

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22 Feb 2023

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