Message from our CEO on the war in Ukraine

Message from our CEO on the war in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine continues to shock and concern all of us as more and more disturbing footage emerges from the war-torn region. In moments of hardship and suffering, there are also many acts of kindness and giving that gives cause for hope.

My colleagues at William Hill make me proud every day, but no more so than when we pull together to help people less fortunate than ourselves. I know many of our colleagues are already involved in local fundraising activities, and some are collecting clothes, blankets, and non-perishable food for those impacted by the conflict.

Some colleagues in our Grand Parade office in Krakow are also directly involved in helping the humanitarian effort, and we’re showing our further support by giving them time off to do this. I can’t tell you how impressed and grateful I am for their selfless support of their fellow men and women.

We also have many friends and colleagues whom this awful situation has directly impacted, and we’re giving them as much support as possible through this terrible crisis. 

I hope common sense prevails and this war ends as soon as possible.

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07 Mar 2022

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