Volunteering at St Chad’s Broomfield Cricket Club

Volunteering at St Chad’s Broomfield Cricket Club

The Trading team based in our St Johns Leeds office has been out and about to support their local community at St Chad’s Broomfield Cricket Club in Headingly. 

Stuart Dallimore, Alistair Thompson-Meeks, Danny Sheldon, James Holt, Wayne Downs, Brad Throup, Gethin Clarke and Martin Pidhajeckyj from the Trading team, along with Colm O’Hara (Data Governance Architect) and Jack Roscoe (Head of Corporate Technology) headed over to the Cricket Club, to help them replace their pavilion. 

The Club, which is home to many men’s, women’s, and junior cricket teams, has recently been undergoing renovations and upgrades, including replacing their pavilion using a modular building system. The Trading team got stuck in, helping to finish the roof on the main part of the building by bolting together large rows of wooden blocks, lifting them into place using machinery and securing them.

Stuart Dallimore, Head of Football Trading, said: “The day itself was hard work but rewarding and a nice change from remote and office work. It was a great opportunity for us to really communicate and work together as a team. We also worked with people outside of our direct team which gave us a chance to chat and share ideas - overall, it was a brilliant team-building experience.”

“We are lucky to have the opportunity to volunteer, and I’d definitely recommend that colleagues who have access to the opportunity make use of the volunteer day as it’s very rewarding to give back to the local community. The change of pace from my computer-based work was very welcome – it was refreshing to have done some manual work rather than looking at numbers all day!”

A huge thanks goes to the members of the St Johns Trading team who volunteered their time! 

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27 Apr 2023

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