Saving men’s lives with Movember

William Hill is proud to support Movember, a leading charity that supports men’s health issues, from prostate or testicular cancer to men's mental health.

The ugly truth is that our fathers, brothers, sons, uncles, friends, and partners are dying too young. Men are dying on average five years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons.

A growing number of men – around 10.8 million globally – are facing life with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer amongst young men. Males account for 69% of all suicides globally, with suicide the leading cause of death for men under 50 in the UK.

This Movember, we’ll be putting a spotlight on these issues by sharing resources to encourage learning, raise awareness and share information about vital funds in place to help men everywhere.

So, how can you get involved?

Have a meaningful conversation

It’s not always easy to talk about emotions but having a meaningful conversation with the men in your life could make a real difference. Check the Movember website for some great tools and an interactive guidance on how to go about it.

Grow a Mo

Growing a moustache is one of the most popular ways you can get involved. A moustache is a powerful upper-lip accessory, commands attention and can compel conversation. The rules are simple; start clean shaven on 1 November, grow it throughout the month, but of course keep it tidy!

Mo on the go

To encourage people to become more active, why not take part in the ‘60km in November’ challenge. That’s 60km for the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour, across the world. Run, walk, sprint or strut. How you complete it is up to you. All you need to do is sign up, link your fitness tracker to the Movember app and get going. Any funds you raise through this challenge will be donated directly to the charity using the website.

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you’ll be inspired to achieve your goals, move with a smile on your face, meet incredible people and in turn raise awareness for Movember.

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01 Nov 2022

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